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F. David Peat, The Alchemy of Creativity, website. Peat is a British author and physicist who combines his interests in art, consciousness, creativity, non-locality, and gentle action.

Unfolding the Implicate Order, Interview with David Bohm by Louwrien Wijers, 1989. The mathematics itself suggests a movement in which everything, any particular element of space, may have a field which unfolds into the whole and the whole enfolds it in it. An example of that would be a hologram.

Creative Mind Energy, Excerpt from an interview with The 14th Dalai Lama by Louwrien Wijers, 1989. Buddhists usually see themselves as the creator, so a good or bad future rests entirely on our own shoulders. In order to change the external situation, we must first change within ourselves.

Unity of Observer and Observed, Excerpt from an interview with Francisco Vareala whose aim was to find how we can have an understanding of brain and cognitive functions in which the observer and the observed are an inseparable unit. One of the consequences of this perspective is that mind and matter become a circle.

Pari Center for New Learning, website. Located in a medieval village in Italy, the Pari Center, "...fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking sciences, the arts, ethics and spirituality." It hosts conferences, forums, and research.

New Sense of the Sacred, by Hank Wesselman. A new sense of the sacred has appeared in the Western world, one that incorporates spiritual realization, personal growth psychology, and being of service all in one orientation.

On Shamanism, interview with Hank Wesselman, by Deepak Chopra PhD, 2001. There are three classic causes of illness from the shaman's point of view, and interestingly, they are not bacteria, microbes, and viruses, but rather internal states.

Quintessence: Realizing the Archaic Future, Mary Daly, Beacon Press, Boston, 1998, book. Radical feminist and philosopher, Daly, spins a positive future by teaching how to invoke or manifest women from the past and future.

Mike Hutchison on Enlightenment, website. Prolific writer about peak experiences, Michael Hutchison experienced several devastating accidents and is now a quadriplegic. This interview on the 'Renaissance Thinking about the Issues of our Day' site chronicles his resulting understanding of a direct internal awareness.

William Crookes, Researches into the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism, website. Crookes, a highly distinguished physicist and chemist discovered the element thallium, invented the radiometer, cathode-ray tube, the Crookes tube, pioneered research into radiation effects, contributed to photography, wireless telegraphy, electricity and spectroscopy. He is noted for his photographical research with mediums and spirits.

Cosmic Motion Picture, by Paramhansa Yogananda, excerpt from the book Autobiography of a Yogi, from the chapter, 'The Law of Miracles'. Published in 1946, this autobiography recounts the life of the Hindu, Paramhansa Yogananda. Born in India in 1893, he became recognized as one of the great yogi masters. He lectured internationally about sprituality.

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