Adrift on the Great Lake of the Unknowing: the Floatation Tank
Chapter excerpt from Michael Hutchison's Mega Brain, about the positive effects on the brain and body from floating in a restricted environment stimulation tank, (first developed by neurophysiologist, Dr. John Lilly in 1950) including enhanced learning, creativity, and quick access to theta brain waves.

The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurzweil, Penguin Books, New York, 2000, book.
The merging of computers and consciousness and humans. The book has a good historical time-line of the invention of machines and computers.

David Blaine in a box above the Thames on the final day of his 44-day fasting adventure.David Blaine, website.Click on “The Above the Below’ to learn why Blaine chose to suspend himself in a glass box above the River Thames for 44 days without food:


The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: the Conflict Between Word and Image, Leonard Shlain, Viking, New York, 1998, book.
Shlain says alphabetic writing has reinforced linear and masculine thinking, which has adversely affected women and has contributed to violent societies. Due to the return of imagery through tv, video, and computers, he predicts a peaceful culture more balanced between image and word, the feminine and the masculine.

The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in Our Time, Marilyn Ferguson, G.P. Putna's Sons, New York, 1987, book.
Describes leading-edge thinkers worldwide who are building a society based on an alternative human potential.

Association for Transpersonal Psychology
The association's original exploration into peak and mystical experiences has evolved into "promoting a vision of the universe as sacred". Website:

The Blackwinged Night: Creativity, Nature and Mind, F. David Peat, Pereus, Cambridge, 2000, book.
Physicist, Peat, spent several months in Italy doing and thinking nothing. One of the deep results is this book which discusses creativity in its many forms.

The Global Consciousness Project: Registering Coherence and Resonance in the World,
"The Global Consciousness Project is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement." Website:

Hawaii Remote Viewing Guild
Newsletter has topics related to remote viewing, which is the perceptual ability or communication skill to know of people, events, or objects regardless of time or distance. click on 'On Target: the Remote Viewing News'. Website:

Institute of Noetic Sciences,
Founded in 1973 by astronaut, Edgan Mitchell, the Institute supports research, dialogue, and action. "...many of us are feeling pulled or drawn to actualize our evolutionary potential, calling forth profound transformations in individuals and communities." Website:

IONS - Noetic Sciences Review, Petaluma, CA, magazine.
A magazine covering a range of opinions, data, news, and art about the mind, spirit, and phenomena.

Megatrends- John Naisbitt,. Also in German.
In his new book, A World between Eras, futurist, Naisbitt "has sorted out what will remain constant and what will change - and how quickly. Through history and many examples, he shows how in this period between eras, we can have extraordinary leverage and influence - individually, professionally and institutionally - if we can just get a clear sense, a clear conception of the road ahead." Website:

Quantum Consciousness,
Dr. Stuart Hameroff's site on quantum consciousness. Website:

Quantum Mind 2003,
Recent conference on consciousness, physics, and the brain with presenters from around the world. Website:

Subtle Energy: Awakening to the Unseen Forces in Our Lives, William Collinge, PhD, Warner Books, New York, 1998, book.
By a writer, researcher, and teacher. Discusses how we and the world are composed of energies that we can learn to develop in order to facilitate improved health.

The University of Arizona, Center for Consciousness Studies,
The center, formed in 1998, through research, lectures, and workshops brings together leading ideas around cognitive science, neuroscience, social science, medicine, the physical sciences, the arts, humanities, philosophy, and more in order to move toward an integrated understanding of human consciousness. The Center is unique in its broad spectrum approach. Other groups tend to focus either on cognitive neuroscience, philosophy or purely phenomenal experiential approaches, whereas the Center not only integrates these areas, but "thinks outside the box" of conventional wisdom. Website: