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Morphic Fields: Sheldrake Online, website. "One of my main concerns is the opening up of science. Another is exploring the connections between science and spirituality."

The True Power of Water, Masaru Emoto, Beyond Words Publishing, Oregon, 2005, book. This Japanese researcher has used high-speed photography to capture the structure of water at the moment it freezes, which has shown the consequences loving thought and destructive thought have on the formation of the water crystals: thoughts can influence water.

The Earth Spirit, Its Ways, Shrines and Mysteries by John Michel, book. All ancient tombs and stones were placed so as to coincide with and accumulate the flow of the earth's vital energy, its 'spirit'.

The Secret Language of Life: How Animals and Plants Feel and Communicate, Brian J. Ford, Fromm International, New York, 2000, book. Ford, a biology professor in Wales, gives many examples of microscopic life, plants, and animals, who make choices, have feelings, experience pain, dream, and think.

The Plants Respond; an interview with Cleve Backster, by Derrick Jensen, The Sun, July 1997, magazine. Scientist, Cleve Backster, has been conducting extensive research related to electrical responses in plant life and other living organisms since 1966.

Dogs that Know When their Owners are Coming Home: and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals, Rupert Sheldrake, Three Rivers Press, New York, 1999, book. By British researcher, Sheldrake, about animals' abilities to communicate, including empathy, intention, telepathy, sense of direction, premonition, and morphological fields.

Grof: Holotropic,website. Holotropic Breathwork is an approach to self-exploration that uses insights from consciousness research, anthropology, psychology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions. The process combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in order to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

The N'Kisi Project,website. The N'kisi Project is a series of controlled experiments and ongoing research in interspecies communication and telepathy conducted by Aimee Morgana and her language-using parrot N'kisi.

Philosophy in the Flesh: the Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought, George Lakoff, and Mark Johnson, Basic Books, New York, 1999, book.
The authors argue that basic findings in cognitive science indicate that most of the brain's processing is not available to consciousness, and that conscious reasoning is primarily metaphorical and built out of the experiences of the body.

Stirring the Mud: on Swamps, Bogs, and Human Imagination, Barbara Hurd, Beacon Press, Boston, 2001, book. Hurd uses swamps and bogs--- places where at the transition edges, life lives or visits, as a metaphor for the imaginative life.

The Woodfish Institute, website. Its mission is to provide education and services to the general public for the purpose of bridging core indigenous (Native American) ways of knowing and transindigenous healing methodologies with modern multidisciplinary approaches to human problem-solving, mind-body healing, and ecopsychology.

Aetherius Society, website. Group has an ongoing project of organizing people globally to simultaneously pray for world peace.

American Society of Dowsers, website. Utilizing the body's natural energies and a dowsing device such as a rod or pendulum, this site offers advice for developing skills to locate water, minerals, and other magnetic energies.

Heliotown, website. Scientist and artist, Thomas Ashcraft, makes art out of his scientific investigations. This combination invites and lures us into our own melding insights.

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