Dynamic Prayer

From Aetherius

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We are all living in a world of energy vibrations which, by the very nature of their creation by the one divine source and their existence within the framework of manifestation, makes them inter-related, one with another. What we send out, we get back-- no more, no less. If we transmit highly elevating energies of a spiritual nature, then in return we receive vibrant, inspirational energies back from the never-ending universal supply. One of the simplest and surest ways to receive such powerful forces is by the transmission of similar forces, released from within our higher selves, through dynamic prayer.

To really guarantee results through prayer, it is no good just paying lip service to the constant, unfeeling repetition of words, no matter how beautiful the prose may be. Prayer, to be effective, should be said with real feeling. Whether we make up our own inspirational prayers or repeat those already given, we should put all our heart into them. Every vestige of our love and feeling should be transmitted into each prayer we perform so that the very essence of our highest love energy is sent out in one continual stream to everyone. After our prayer, we should have such faith that we will be able to detach ourselves completely from what we have just said and let the results come. This is the secret of dynamic prayer.

In the palm of each hand there is a psychic center, or to be more descriptive, a flood -gate through which flows the prana or life force radiated from the Sun of our solar system. This deep truth was known by the ancients of Tibet, many thousands of years ago, and a system of mudra, or hand signs, was devised to contact these mighty energies.To pray correctly, stand with the feet slightly apart, raise the hands, palms facing outward, fingers closed together, and repeat mentally or orally any Prayer designed for the Spiritual enlightenment and healing of all mankind. Allow the energy to pour forth, try to visualize it as a radiant white light streaming forth from the heart center and palms of your hands as you say the Prayer with every vestige of your love and feeling. Then you will find that Dynamic Prayer really does work.

Excerpt from www.aetherius.org, 2005