Excerpt from Thomas Ashcraft’s art and science endeavor, “Heliotown”

Art by Thomas Ashcroft

In the old country, my Grandfather was known as a "Puh -`sway-tah", that is to say, he was an amateur wart healer.

He had an ability, a sort of innate sympathy and empathy, for connecting with the micro-cellular realms where viruses come into form.

People would seek him out and show him their warts. They would hold out their hands or turn their cheeks to him or show him wherever their warts were.  He would simply look at the wart and say, "Bye-bye Wart."   It wasn't too much more dramatic than this. And the people would be on their way.

Generally, they would just go about their business and over days they would forget about their warts.  Then one day, they would remember and say, "What about that wart?"  They would look and the wart would be gone.  This is how it usually happened.

My Grandfather had a knack for this.  He took no money.  It was just something he could do.

(Perhaps he "un-formed" the virus? Perhaps he relieved a tension or a worry in the person that fed the virus? I'm not sure.)

I remember him saying, "And for the orneriest of warts, for the most recalcitrant ones of all, there is always the Remedy of Time."



[Thomas Ashcraft (1951, Springfield, Illinois, USA) has a B.A. in Humanistic Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  His interest in radio astronomy is the basis for his scientific and his artistic work. Ashcraft’s medium is science; he makes art from his scientific studies, experiments and investigations. He lives in New Mexico, USA.]