Breaking into the Fifth Dimension: Dis-covering the Light of Quintessence

by Mary Daly

Mary Daly

In order to Break into the Fifth Dimension Journeyers can reflect upon our experience of the Fourth. The following description of the Fourth Dimension can be useful for Spinsters to Spin off from:

…imagining the dimension might be likened crudely to reconstruction a moving picture film of a bud opening into a full-blown flower. If we cut apart each frame of such a film stacked the whole film together frame by frame, and then looked at the unfolding flower simultaneously through all the frames, that might be the most we could do to appease our yen for imagining the fourth dimension.

While any Wild Woman can “get the picture,” this seems to be a contrived way of going about the task of “appeasing our yen for imagining the fourth dimension.” Any deeply aware woman has available to her an array of vivid Momentous Memories over Time. If she Re-members these, particularly in writing, she can see the Unfolding Moments along the Spiraling Paths of her life simultaneously. That is, she can not only imagine but also truly participate in the Fourth Dimension.

When a Seeker Sees, Names, and Acts in accordance with the Cronelogical connections among her Moments/Movements across Times, her knowing of the fourth dimension is enlivened, and she herself becomes more Alive. She is filled with Gynergy and is moved by a Lust to Leap onward. She is impelled to fly further into the Archaic Future and Break into the Fifth Dimension, where/when she can ever more consciously be Present, participating in the Be-Dazzling Dance of the Universe---the Cosmic Harmony which is Quintessence.

Of course, she is already Here---at least incipiently---in the Fifth Dimension. The feeling of New Time/Space is not foreign to her. But as she moves further into this dimension, there is a vaster sense of Newness as well as a re-cognition in her encounters and Other magical Moments. In other words, the “plot” of her life continues to unfold…right Here.

Yet there is a problem for one who attempts to speak/write about the Fifth Dimension. This arises from the fact that although Canny Voyagers are arriving and Expanding Here we are not entirely Here. None of us possess full consciousness of where/when we are, nor do we all have the same degree of such awareness. We sometimes seem to be silenced by the curse of fragmentation even as we strive to overcome it. And we still struggle to overcome silencing by the phallocratic taboo against Naming our Fifth Dimensional experiences. For voyagers in the Dimension are Outlaws.

Seers experience startling bursts of communication, which often take the form of synchronicities (Syn-Crone-icities). These seeming “coincidences,” which are recognized as not really “coincidental,” but rather very purposeful, are Known by Crones as Strangely significant. Although it can be argued that these experiences are “nothing new” to Sinister Women, Seers are reporting that they are occurring in their lives with increasing frequency, and often in ways that shock. There is an interconnecting flow---with the Self, Other Women, Animals, all Elemental beings---that is revealed in thee experiences to Spinning Women.

Such events are startling, but they “feel right.” In fact, they are right. Syn-Crone-icities are common when we are in the flow of our creative work, following our deep purpose, our Final Cause, and realizing our Ideas.

And we have allies who are eager to help us Realize our Integrity! Among these are the animals, trees, stars, and Elemental Sprits who are our traveling companions across Time/Space.

Encounters with these beings are sources of natural grace. The grace I am Naming here is Quintessentially natural. It is the innate source of our capacities to clearly intuit, think, will, sense, imagine, remember, feel, heal, teach ourselves and others, and act consistently with our knowledge and desires.

Realizing the Archaic Future does not mean simply waking up and Seeing. It means working to open up the way for Transtemporal/Trans-spatial and Interspecies Bonding.

Through these encounters we’re discovering the Fifth Dimension together. As we move in this direction the flow of energy experienced by women who are in this New Time/Space radiates outward. It attracts others. So the Power of Presence of each of us enhances the ability of others to be Present to their Selves and to all other Biophilic beings.

And when we meet in this way there is a shifting of the meanings of Past, Present, and Future. These words are in some sense relative to our own specific participation in Time. In these Moments, we all intensely experience the fluidity of Time, and we glimpse the complexity of the interrelationships between Past and Future. There are Shape-shiftings in our Sense of Time.

And all of this is deeply related to the process of Centering and Focusing on our Final Cause. When we work alone or together to Realize our deep purpose we regain a sense of balance that we seem to have forgotten, but which ‘feels right.

It seems to me that we’re not only in the process of overcoming the old habit of thinking of Time as a one-way series of events, we’re experiencing a counterflow of Time. While Time moves from the Past to the Future, from another perspective it flows from the Future to the Past. By our awareness of this we’re leaning to live in a Present which is alive, which is continually changing and expanding.

We are in the process of Transtemporal creation of Nemesis. The Idea that each of us has in her mind of that which she is in the process of creating—but which is not yet---is what gives direction to her will. This Idea/Exemplar, no matter how inchoate, is an awareness of what she will create. It is a window which allows the Future to stream into her mind. When Concreators actually work out our Ideas in the material world---when we actually engage in the work of creation---we move step by step (by writing, painting on a canvas, developing friendships, et cetera) in the direction of the Archaic Future. We’re refinding and refining our Elemental connectedness across Time.

Excerpt from Quintessence; Realizing the Archaic Future; A Radical Elemental Feminist Manifesto, 2048 BE (Biophilic Era) edition


[Mary Daly (born 1928) is a scholar and activist who is at the forefront of feminist theory. She received a Ph.D in Religion in the United States. She received two doctorates in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Daly has authored many books and articles. She taught at Boston College.]