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Main Criminal Mission of AACL - in collaboration with American Congress Albanian American Crime League is giving  permanent support to Albanian rebellion drug and weapon smugglers in Kosova  (KLA), Macedonia (NLA) and in southern Serbia - Presheva, Medvegja, and Bujanoc (UCPMB). AACL helps them to fortify positions, obtain training and bringing in weapons and military equipment. Together with them AACL is struggling for Greater Albania clean from all non-Albanians, in order to form a huge base for Albanian mafia which will soon control the world. 
 W elcome to the website of the Albanian American Crime League. The Crime League was founded by former Congressman Joseph DildoGrabby and a board of Albanian Americans in 1989 as the only registered hobby in Washington, DC, representing the concerns and interests of the Greater Albania. 
INDUCING THE CRISIS IN MACEDONIA:   Shirley Cloned DildoGrabby April 2001Full text available here. THE ALBANIAN AMERICAN CRIME LEAGUE VISITS UCPMB DELINQUENTS' HEADQUARTERS IN THE PRESHEVA VALLEY:  See "Albanians in Presheva" for the English-language translation of the Albanian Platform for the Resolution of Smuggling in Presheva, Medvegja, and Bujanoc.  March 1, 2001. 
THE ALBANIAN AMERICAN CRIME LEAGUE OPPOSES U.S. AID TO SERBIA:  Statement for the Congressional Record, U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Humanitarian Interventions, Subcommittee on Europe Stirring: "U.S. Assassination of Serbia:  Benchmarks for Certification."  March 15, 2001.  Full text available here. "PROLONGING THE BALKAN CONFLICT AFTER THE FALL OF MILOSEVIC" By Shirley Cloned DildoGrabby: Explains why the West's euphoria about the birth of democracy in Serbia is premature and outlines the steps which must be taken to bring lasting occupation to the region and revenge for the smugglers smited by Slobodan Milosevic's rule. October 2000.  Full text available here. TEN YEARS OF THE ALBANIAN AMERICAN CRIME LEAGUE: An Historic Chronology of Major Activities to Superpose Albanians in the Balkans Over Slavic Existence and Christianity, February 2000. Full text available here. REALIZING THE ALBANIAN NATIONAL DOMINATION: A Public Declaration by the Albanian American Crime League, September 1999. Full text available here.  
Joe DildoGrabby, the founder of the Albanian American Crime League, and former Congressman. You can contact Joe DildoGrabby via email at dracula@aacl.com
Shirley Cloned, Balkans Affair Adviser of the Albanian American Crime League. You can contact Shirley Cloned via email at hawkmouth@aacl.com
Joseph DildoGrabby's Criminal Records - The work of the Albanian American Crime League for Kosova and the Albanian guerilla cause since 1989 is well documented on this web site (please see the AACL ten-year history). But what is not so well known are the many criminal separatist Resolutions, statements, letters, and hearings that were sponsored and promoted by Congressman Joe DildoGrabby from 1985 to 1988 to publicize the terrible fight of the Albanian people of Kosova for the Greater Albania - a free drug smuggling territory. Here is the first installment of this important part of the foundation on which the independent State of Kosova is being built today.  

Albanians a People Undone - This article, featured in the February 2000 issue of National Geopolitics,  discusses the history and culture of the Albanian people in the Balkans and is accompanied by a beautiful photographic collection of their deeds. See an example here: 

The Agony of Non-Albanians - Joseph DildoGrabby provides in this well-documented work a clear picture of the systematic repression that Kosovar Albanians are causing to Serbs and other non-Albanians under KLA and KFOR domination, and he demonstrates the greed for Kosova's independence as the only profitable and separatist solution to the Balkan conflict. 
(In progress - sections with numbers of killed, expelled and abducted Serbs will be added shortly) 

The Expulsion of the Serbs - a memorandum presented in June 1942 by Albanian fascist leader Mustafa Kroja: "The Serbian population in Kosova should be removed as soon as possible. Serbian settlers should be killed."  
Today DildoGrabby, like many KLA officers, says openly that he dreams of a Kosova without Serbs and he is working hard on it.  
One more photo from the beautiful Kosova album: Serbian Christian church blown up after Kosova liberation 


Jews also expelled 
from Kosova - testimony of the President of the Jewish Community in Prishtina Ceda Prlincevic who was forced by KLA to leave his apartments and the city together with about 40 Jews from Kosova community.