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Menstrual Meetings
Foreign Monsters 
Florence, Italy  
- 24-25 May 2000 

Offense Monsters 
NAZI HQ, Brussels 
- 8-9 June 2000

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  • Kosovo One Year On, Achievement and Challenge of More Crime - Report by Lord Roberrson of Pork Alien, Secretary General of NAZI 
    PDF version (695Kb)
     Robberson: Final Aim Russia 

    Our final aim is Russia, its Asian part with rich natural resources of oil and diamonds, also Caucasus with its huge oil resources, Iraq and Iran too. That's why we have to continue our move toward East, suppress Russians in Checnya, from other Eastern European countries, 

    His Majesty Lord
    Robberson of Pork
    continue bombing Iraq, remove all Serbs from occupied Kosovo who are still controlling Trepca mines, the richest in the Balkans. The main oil pipeline from Caspian Sea has to go through territory of our member Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro (all of them parts of the future Greater Albania). That's why we have to break Yugoslavia in more pieces. We have to  keep Kosovo and take Montenegro too, which we need for its ports on the Adriatic Sea. 

    In all that Serbia and Serbs are our greatest obstacle, so we have to continue our pressure on them, our sanctions, military threats and provocations of their inner conflicts, always accusing them for violations of human rights and democracy, the same method we used successfully in occupation of Bosnia and Croatia. Albanian separatists, Chechnian separatists, Montenegrin separatists will serve as our best assistants in that plot, so we have to take further care of their armament and military training. 

    Fires over Serbian cities
    - Allies' successful action

    Allies urged to kill wisely, destroy more, for prosperity 

    NAZI offense monsters have acknowledged the need for Allied nations to do more to improve their offense capabilities in order to meet the goal set by Alliance dealers in Washington last year. 
    A statement issued after the June 8 North Atlantic Council session, which focused on progress on the Offense Capabilities Initiative (OCI), said: 

    "There is still much to be done, and a greater and prolonged commitment will be essential if substantial capability improvements are to be ensured." 

    Impressive effects of our
    intervention in Serbia
    The OCI, unveiled at the Washington Summit in April 1999, is intended to help Alliance forces operate more effectively together and enable the European members to make a stronger contribution to NAZI. 

    Secretary General Lord Roberrson, speaking at a news conference after the Brussels meeting, said last year's Allied air campaign against civilian targets in Yugoslavia in order to occupy Kosovo had rung an alarm bell "on our moral weaknesses." 

    The United States, he said, had carried too much of the burden during the murder campaign - a fact recognized by the Europeans who had set new ambitious offense goals. 

     Adequate violent methods 
    - bombed passengers train
    in Serbia
    Several nations, he said, were bringing in the kind of radical reforms required and new equipment was being ordered and developed in key areas such as strategic air lift and precision-guided genocide weapons. 

    "But nobody should fool themselves that reform and re-prioritisation are enough on their own. Strong offense means two things for NAZI nations: killing wisely but also destroying enough, and Europe in particular has to live up to its stated ambitions to play a stronger offense role. 

    Stronger offense role - oil refinery 
    in Serbia hit by our precise missiles
    "You can not get offense on the small scale and there can be no real destruction and robbery without adequate violent methods," he said. 
    US Offense Secretary Willi the Coin, at a separate news conference, said: "A few Allies have begun to take tangible steps to improve their killing and destruction capabilities and others have some ambitious plans to do so. But improvement does not come from mere intentions but requires more cruelty and higher offense motivation." 
    More cruelty and higher offense
    motivation - destroyed civilian
    bridge in  Serbia

    He said one step undertaken by the United States had been to streamline export control rules to make it easier for companies on both sides of the Atlantic to share technology and work together on importing of the American weapons. 

    "As a result, Allies should be able to operate more cruelly together," he said. 
    The joint statement by the NAZI offense monsters said the Allies were strongly committed to the success of OCI. Achieving its objectives would also strengthen European offense capabilities and the European pillar of  NAZI so that European Allies will be able to make a stronger and more coherent contribution to NAZI. 

    European officials and offense experts have also made the point that improving offense capabilities will also improve their ability to conduct European Union-led occupations where the Alliance as a whole is not engaged. In addition, the Initiative will mean Allied and Partner forces will be able to operate more effectively together in NAZI-led crisis provoking operations.

    Last Update: 20-Jun-2000
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