Tisma's sound, particularly in its semantically legible, linguistic component expresses and ironically exposes the forceful shadows of the current aggressive wing of the civilization which exhausts itself in attempting to found a globalistic monoculture and economic exploitation-based mega machinery which effuses and imposes only a weakening rhythm of proclamatory progress while eliminating all other differences... (Vladimir Kopicl) read more

The author focuses on "short forms", therefore he is more up-to-date and closer to the sensibility of the contemporary listener. In these works, like in Tisma's other creations, one cannot fail but notice his engagement before all against war, against globalization, violent behaviour, militarization, trash, kitsch and self-advertising... (Dusan Mihalek) read more

When making music or sound pieces, Andrej Tisma uses found footage like sounds from video games, music CDs, computer sounds etc... - Kunstradio Vienna, Feb. 11, 2007

Tisma's sound works were publicly presented or broadcast at: Kunst Radio Vienna (2/07), HTTP Gallery London (3/07), Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad (4/07), ATA Gallery San Francisco (4/07), Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art (4/07), Radio Belgrade 2 (4/07), Music Radio Channel “Kol Hamusika”, Israel Broadcasting Authority, Jerusalem (5/07), Café Club Izba, Novi Sad (9/07), MLS Gallery Novi Sad (5/08), Studio M, Novi Sad (7/08), Master Center - Art Expo, Novi Sad (3/09), HTTP Gallery London (12/09), Youth Theatre, Novi Sad (2010), Museum of Contempory Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2011), Radio Novi Sad (2011), Youth Theatre, Novi Sad (2012), Museum of Contempory Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad (2013). Brod teatar SKCNS, Novi Sad (2018).

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