Andrej Tisma wisely calls this kind of his work "Sound Works", because it is hard to classify them according to the usual categories of the art of music, even including electro-acoustic and computer music. In the beginning, the "sound works" were mostly components of syncretic entities (video-art,, performance). Once extracted from this context - as we have seen - they live their audio-lives, for which the most appropriate media are just the radio and sound carriers. It is interesting to note that independent as they have become the sound works of Andrej Tisma keep the main characteristics of his multimedia works: collage, quotations, mystification, intervention, "unusualizing", and, above all - engagement.

Tisma utilizes instant sounds from the rich computer audio-palette, sound base of popular video games, rhythm machine, recordings (from Bach to turbo-folk, techno music and Esma Redzepova), blending them into an integral whole, with good measure and taste.

The author focuses on "short forms", therefore he is more up-to-date and closer to the sensibility of the contemporary listener. In these works, like in Tisma's other creations, one cannot fail but notice his engagement before all against war, against globalization, violent behaviour, militarization, trash, kitsch and self-advertising. Sound collages are socially engaged and just for this purpose stripped, unadorned - advertising sounds, military orders from video games or rhythm machine have an even more forceful, violent and aggressive impact.

Dusan Mihalek

"Polja", 9-10. Novi Sad, September 2007