The sound works of Andrej Tisma have been positioned as an elaborated auditive image of the author's idea that engagement in the arts can be embodied, not as art value as such, but rather as a clearly directed effect of perlocutional performance. This, in turn, according to Austin's analysis, would mean that his artistic act in fact does not only strive towards some change in the otherwise variable pattern of the art system, but that it most seriously counts on the consequences which are equally both beyond aesthetics, but also effectual in an all-encompassing planetary ambiance.

The first association of a relatively well-educated listener to Tisma's sound work most frequently leads to an exorcist reminder of a paradigmatic album of the 1980's - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by David Byrne and Brian Eno, a cultic example of extatic sampling, of which some people thought that it was a small technical revolution in production, whilst the album, according to subsequent testimony of Brian Eno, was supposed to express the contemporary world in minimalist terms through newly recomposed, polyrhythmic unatainable "dark heart of Africa" freed from casual singleminded ethno melodies. That chaotic internal component of the old sound is a clear derivative of this new, Tisma's sound, particularly in its semantically legible, linguistic component, which expresses and ironically exposes the forceful shadows of the current aggressive wing of the civilization which exhausts itself in attempting to found a globalistic monoculture and economic exploitation-based mega machinery which effuses and imposes only a weakening rhythm of proclamatory progress while eliminating all other differences with the symbolic polyphonous murmur of "Africa", i.e. the unaccustomed Other in front. Or on the floor.

In the Dictionary of Electro-acoustic Music complied by its Serbian pioneer Vladan Radovanovic, the entry "Electro-acoustic music" reads as follows: Introduced as a medium - a world of new sounds and set of techniques - rose to the status of a style, due to limitations and specific features on all levels, and finally - with multiple increase of realizational powers - almost lost its stylistic characteristics now to become a medium of all styles. Something similar could be said about this para-cockpit refraction of voices, harmonies, styles, messages and even linguistic, ethnic and ethic fractures and crossings which are not Tisma's goals, but which are used and sampled by him. Except that in this sense a medium and its capacity might rather imply a good spirit or rebelious will of the artist himself than any kind of media or artistic interface, even if it were both music and the baby brother of the hoe - the computer.

Vladimir Kopicl

"Izba" Club, Novi Sad, September 2007