Food is essential for the survival of all living beings, so it deserves great respect. In the old times of our civilization, in addition to its nourishing and hedonistic roles, food was often treated as a sacred thing; a symbol of an exchange of energies with the gods, and its worshiping had an important role in society. That respect for food is slowly disappearing, giving way to a consumption mentality. Good tasting and good looking food symbolizes a healthy life and sane human organisms, so it follows that the endangerment of food symbolizes an endangerment of humankind and its values as well.

On the other hand, in the process of consumption or even just by keeping it in inadequate conditions food degrades, changes its shape, color, flavor and odor. It is transformed into its opposite; from a beautiful thing into a pile of ugly, stinking, dirty garbage. It decomposes into simple chemical elements and loses its divine, nourishing and hedonistic nature. It is reduced into the same elements that all things in this world are composed of, which shows the impermanent nature of food. Impermanence affects everything on earth; living beings, humans and civilizations.

"Food In Context", a series of digital prints, is about the endangered position and impermanence of food, and thus, humankind. The artistic message and effect is achieved by contrasting scenes of different kinds of food with objects and situations from everyday life. The prints in original are purposefully large (average dimensions are 180 x 60 cm) in order to clearly express this universal problem.

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Exhibition of "Food In Context" prints in Bremen, Geramny September - October 2011







Mortar and Pralines by Rainer Bessling, Kreiszeitung, Syke, October 11, 2011

A Serbian artist, Andrej Tisma, has shown pictures of enjoyment and transience at two exhibitions, in the Villa Ichon and at the City Library of Bremen. Firm stuffed peppers next to torn clothes, a platter of roast meat in contrast with plastic garbage bags, pralines in close proximity to crumbling mortar. These pairs of Andrej Tisma's photographs could be viewed as a message about social inequality or they could be understood in a general way as illustrations of the contrast between light and shadow in human existence. See more


Unusual And Critical Confrontations by Dr. Jürgen Weichardt, Art critic, Bremen, September 2011

The digital prints of Andrej Tisma "Food in Context" are the most unusual juxtapositions and critical confrontations with the contemporary civilization the kind of which we have not had a chance to see for a long time...

...However, Andrej Tisma does not pronounce his warnings in a prophetic style, but with a serenity and calmness of a philosopher open to the world and as an observer with a sharp vision: he warns, knowing what we also know - that cakes are not intended to last forever, that even concrete can crumble, that everything goes by. See more


Between Aesthetics And Morality by Erwin Miedtke, Deputy Director of the City Library of Bremen, September, 2011

The works of Andrej Tisma "Food in Context" in their subject matter and various paraphrases show the world and criticize consumerism and transience with a demand: "Art must have consequences"! In art, the world becomes transparent only if a work of art - so to speak - consumes it and if it touches or even hurts both the artist and us as observers. See more