Andrej Tisma's "Food In Context" digital prints exhibition in Bremen (Germany) in two galleries: Villa Echon and Stadtbibliothek

Show lasting Sept. 21st - Oct. 25th 2011


Tisma in front of Stadtbibliothek Gallery

Announcement of the show opening

Tisma by his print in Stadtbibliothek Gallery

Stadtbibliothek Gallery view

Show opening at Villa Echon Gallery

Mr. Lothar Buhrmann, gellery Director gives a speech

Mr. Jurgen Weichardt, Art critic, gives a speech

Villa Echon Gallery view after the show opening

Show opening at Stadtbibliothek Gallery

Mr. Erwin Midtke, Stadtbibliothek Deputy Director gives a speech

Stadtbibliothek Gallery view after the show opening

Tisma with a group of Bremen artists, fourth from left is Marikke Heinz-Hoek