American flag, the symbol of American patriotism, has an almost magical effect on all possible negativities, including immoral, criminal or inhuman behavior. A clear example was its impact on the tragic scenes of recent huge destruction in New York and Washington on September 11. Exposing of American flag in days and months after the disaster has shown not only endless patriotism of American people, but also almost supernatural ability of the flag to purify all bad things on the spot it occurs.

Here we made an online demonstration in which we would like you to take part. We have images of open nudity, even pornography, which, thanks to use of American flag have been transformed into innocent images of human beauty and affection. To see the great difference between shown bodies before and after the effect of American patriotic symbol click on any image on the left and after that, when it opens on right, roll over it with your mouse. You will discover what dirty and obscene reality is hidden in the shadow of flags on each picture.

Go and test the magical purification effect of the American national patriotic symbol!