U. S. A. - It smells a little bit strange, in big amounts even disgusting. So use it very carefully or it could drive away your best friends.


White Chaos - Always amusing, changing flavours, unstable. Sometimes perverse.


Mad Allfight - Sharp scent, violent, even unpleasant if you are not prepared for overexcitement.


Bush On Clit - Mysterious duality of two odours, one heavy and the other so light and sinful that you soon lose your mind over it.


N. A. T. O. - Mixture of different scents, mostly from America, but also of European descent. Radiant and active, but dissolving fast.


D. U. - NWO's specialty, dedicated mainly to children, on whom its effects are most remarkable.


Missile Field - Latest project of the NWO, designed to break yours and your loved ones' hearts and brains.


K. L. A. - Special fragrance of wildness, rudeness, bloody red, violent killer of your lover's heart.


Chechen - Another oriental odour, wild and roguish, even indecent, but serving well on numerous occasions.