U. N. - Very weak but also cheap perfume. Evaporates quickly.


One-World - Provokes pleasant illusions, hallucinations sometimes.


Illuminati - Very sombre and mysterious odour, giving you ambition to rule the world.


Rothschild - Scent of power, might and domination. Rich but selfishly brutal.


Bilderberg -  Refined perfume for elite gatherings. Has a seductive note leading to stupor, sometimes nausea.


N. W. O. - Our main product, one that makes you feel happy, although you are down and out.


W. T. O. - Never lose hope. This cosmopolitan perfume will help you keep the impression of security. Keep on fantasizing.


I. M.. F. - When you are in poor spirits and in a bad mood this scent will give you the needed illusion of happiness.