moderator Andreas Broeckmann"The case of Andrej Tisma, a Yugoslav artist from multi-cultural Novi Sad and a defender of the Milosevic regime throughout the late 90s, is a case in point: many perceived his tirades against the West and against NATO as pure Serbian propaganda which became unbearable at some point. Later, Tisma came back to the list and continued his criticisms by posting links to anti-NATO web pages he had created. For us, he was always an interesting sign post of Serb nationalist ideology which it was good to be aware of. And it was good that he showed that people can be artists 'like you and me', and be Serb nationalists at the same time. The Syndicate could handle his presence after he agreed to tune down his rants." - Andreas Brockmann and Inke Arns in Rise and Decline of the Syndicate: the End of an Imagined Community, Berlin, November 2001.

(Here I must put just a short comment on Broeckmann's qualification of my postings: I never mentioned Milosevic's name, nor I defended him in any of my contributions to the Syndicate list, also personally I was never a member of any political party, nor I ever voted for Milosevic. I always tried just to give a real, argumented and documented image of what was going on in Yugoslavia, nothing more and nothing less, just for sake of the list and discussion on it. But that image was not in accord with someone's prejudices, or interests. And that is why they didn't like my discussions. Andrej Tisma)