Condemning activities of Kosovo Liberation Army, the US special representative Robert Gelbard said:

"I consider these to be terrorist actions and it is the strong and firm policy of the US to fully oppose all terroristic actions and all terrorist organisations."......

Gelbard said the current situation, which has seen some areas of Kosovo become no-go areas for Serbs and on Sunday a police report that a Serb man had been killed by "Albanian terrorists" in an attack on Friday, needed attention.....

"I consider that the Kosovo Liberation Army is a terrorist group by its actions. I used to be responsible for counter-terrorist policy in the American Government. I know when I see them. And I think it is important to draw the line between groups that are democratic versus groups that are anti-democratic through their use of terrorist means", Ambassador Robert Gelbard said at the end of his press conference in Prishtina Sunday....."

Kosovo, February 22, 1998


We wholly condemn terrorist actions by the Kosovo Liberation Army or any other group or individual. Those in the Kosovar Albanian community who speak for the different political constituencies should make it clear that they, too, abhor terrorism. We insist likewise that those outside the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia who are supplying finance, arms or training for terrorist activity in Kosovo should immediately cease doing so.