America and NATO are also guilty   
for many
They are rich because for centuries they were doing nothing else but killing and stealing.   wars
all over  the
world, for
millions of deaths
So America is last  
to have right to talk   
about democracy,   
help or support 



Please keep far and out of our business

 USA/NATO is still working on dividing of Serbs  - after cutting off Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia... from Yugoslavia, now they want to cut of Kosovo, Montenegro, Vojvodina, Sandzak, parts where Serbs are a significant population (in Kosovo before the WW2 Serbs made 60% of population, but in late '90s, after the alleged ethnic cleansing of Albanians they made just 10%. Now after NATO peackeepers have come to Kosovo they make about only 1%).
The same scenario as in Bosnia: Muslims' weapons were the same, coming from USA, and Checnya terrorists use the same weapons - from USA. Muslims were armed to take Bosnia from Yugoslavia, and Checen Muslims are armed to take Checnya from Russia. Also Kosovo KLA was armed by USA to take Kosovo from Serbia.