After excellent results with our Spiritual Internet Object (SIO®) made in 1998, we have developed a new, Protective Internet Object you can see on this page above. In these dangerous times when different unpleasant surprises are waiting around every corner such object was inevitable to produce.

In the time of high level of worldwide terrorism and violence this object will keep you safe from every kind of attack, assassination, implanted mine, dropped bomb or missile, or cold weapons, poisons, bioweapons etc. It is even good against nuclear attack and radioactivity. You just have to keep PIO® on the desktop of your monitor, at home or at work, or on the display of your cell phone.

PIO® is also protecting its users from increased solar radiation, ultraviolet rays, all kinds of electromagnetic radiation or lightning. It is also a good protection from every negative thought or action taken against you. On more it protects you from your own negative thoughts, so protecting your nerve system, inner organs, entire body and your health in general.


You can simply copy PIO® from this web page to your hard disk, and after that apply it however you like: as a desktop image, screen saver, for on-line or off-line use, in your text processor, on your own web site etc. It does not have a time limit and it can be applied in any occasion, geographic region and in any culture. If you have our SIO® product installed no problem, you can leave it and use both.


PIO® is totally free for use. Your right to use it is permanent and with no limitations. If you find it convenient , send us an e-mail about experiences of living with your new guard the Protective Internet Object. We would appreciate that.