"Safe" Srebrenica was supposed to be demilitarised but this did not stop Mr Oric's soldiers raiding nearby Serb villages.

DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Wilful killing of civilians

TIME AND PLACE: 7 May 1992, the village of Osmace, Municipality of Srebrenica.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A truck ferrying a group of Serbs from Cicevac to Skelane was ambushed on the Srebrenica-Skelani road. This was the first collective massacre of Serbs from this municipality and the first ambush. The following persons were killed: 1. Milojka (Slavko) Mitrovic (1953) 2. Radosav (Milovan) Stepanovic (1956) 3. Nebojsa (Radomir) Coric (1966) 4. Zoran (Obren) Vukosavljevic (1970) 5. Simo (Manojlo) Tanasijevic (1952) 6. Milivoje (Bogdan) Ilic (1962), and 7. Danilo (Radomir) Petrovic (1961) The truck was driven by Nebojsa Coric who was killed on that occasion.

INDICATION CONCERNING PERPETRATOR(S): The ambush was set by Moslems from the villages of Osatici and Osmace and the direct participant mentioned is Ramo, alias "Hljebara", who personally killed Simo Tanasijevic. The massacre and ambush were organized at the orders of Naser Oric.

EVIDENCE: Documents of Milivoje Ivanisevic, associate of the Committee Compiling Data on Crimes against Humanity and International Law.


DESIGNATION OF CRIME: Wilful killing of civilians

TIME AND PLACE: 24 December 1992, Glogova, Municipality of Bratunac.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: In this Moslem village, the municipal administrative centre, traversed by the road linking the Serb village of Kravica with Bratunac, some dozen ambushes were organized in 1992, the aim of which was to attack the Serbs from Kravica passing through this village so that such ambushes were set on 15 May, 24 July and 2 August, and about 10 people were killed in them, while in the ambush of 24 December 1992, the following Serbs were killed: 1. Milan (Mirko) Zivanovic (1974) 2. Mirko (Milos) Dragicevic (1947) 3. Stanko (Rade) Gajic (1963) 4. Radovan (Stanoje) Ilic (1953) 5. Mirko (Antonije) Krabe (1949) 6. Radovan (Stevo) Milinkovic (1959) 7. Svetolik (Bozo) Milovanovic (1960) 8. Milisav (Radoje) Milovanovic (1950) 9. Borivoje (Cedo) Obradovic (1944) 10. Milenko (Jezdimir) Petrovic (1956) 11. Dragan (Slavomir) Veselinovic (1965) 12. Petko (Dusan) Vujadinovic (1958) 13. Bosko (Krsto) Zekic (1949) 14. Dragan (Ranko) Sarac (1964) INDICATION CONCERNING PERPETRATOR(S): Moslem military authorities and Naser (Dzemal) Oric born in 1967 at Potocar, Municipality of Srebrenica.

1993, Bosnia - The severed heads of three Serbs (identified as Blagoje Blagojevic, Nenad Petkovic, and Brana Djuric) beheaded by Muslim fighters. This picture was seized from Saudi Arabian solders captured near Teslic in Bosnia.