- From March through June 1999 the people of Serbia had endured 78 days of purely punitive bombing by the U.S.- led and U.S.- supplied NATO. On May 23d , 1999, Senator Joseph Lieberman was a guest on Headline Fox News Sunday. The by-liner Tony Snow told the Senator that “I thought we weren’t trying to make life miserable for regular, every day Serbs”. Senator Lieberman responded at once by stating:

“Oh, we are. I mean, that’s what we’ve been doing for the last couple of months. We‘re not only hitting military targets, otherwise why would we be cutting off the water supply and knocking out the power stations – turning the lights out.. We’re trying through the air campaign to break the will of the Serbian people....”

There were some 3,000 human casualties, plus the destruction of major industrial complexes, schools, private and state properties, churches, various factories, shopping malls, roads and bridges, a soccer stadium, and a TV Newsroom with all of the personnel present reduced to dust.

But, this is not all. A great deal of toxic material has been deposited by NATO from the air into Serbia’s soil and waterways. Particularly dangerous is the depleted uranium with which the NATO shells were coated to better pierce armor. This forever lasting toxin is also strongly suspected by reputable scientists as a probable long-term genetic mutant.

Raymond K. Kent, Emeritus, History Department, University of California, USA