In the last ten years, since the first Gulf war, we are witnessing a permanent clash between two different cultures: American and Iraqi.

On one hand we have Iraq, an old, traditional culture rooted in spiritual values and rich Mesopotamian heritage. It is a persistent, strong and popular culture based on production of artifact of great beauty and high crafts and artistic values. Great architectural and applied arts masterpieces and sacred object are placed everywhere in the vast Iraqi land, in museums, urban complexes and sanctuaries.

On the other hand we have the USA, a young, brave, aggressive and ambitious culture with dominant materialistic values - profit and benefit as a main goal of its leaders and inhabitants. The main and most sophisticated products of their culture are weapons of all kinds. They have improved them to

perfection, for powerful effects of destruction of building structures, people, even plants, with possibility of changing climate, inducing earthquakes, storms and other disasters. American weaponry has been developed to such an extent that it is called "smart."

Now we have situation in which the USA wants to apply the high products of their own culture to the Iraqi soil, cities, holy places, and among the people, although that sometimes leads to unwanted casualties. With their high cultural products Americans want to be present everywhere, trying to apply their life philosophy, materialistic view and logic of power too (although sometimes to take control of some oil and gas resources), and that very often leads to misunderstanding.



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