CLICK TO SEE VIDEOIt sometimes seems that the Serbian culture, which has flourished since the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest and brightest of European cultures, has been suppressed and damaged during the last century so much, that soon it could serve only for the amusement of tourists, similar to the way Native American Indians have been recently viewed. The destiny of the Serbian people could become the same; a dancing around the fire for tips.

The international community of humanitarians, peacekeepers, and stability makers have contributed a lot to that devastation in their known, polite, and civilized ways.

For example, the eventual secession of Kosovo, with its over one thousand Serbian Christian churches, monasteries and sanctuaries, from the state of Serbia, could mean a new beheading of the Serbian culture. Especially since over a hundred of those medieval churches were destroyed, desecrated or burned only in the last seven years during the UN -- NATO -- KFOR -- UNMIK administration at the Albanian majority province of Kosovo, without any of the perpetrators being found or sentenced. This video is dedicated to that situation.


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