Tisma's earliest alternative works could without any doubt be classified as conceptual art works. For instance, 'Self-portrait' from 1973, in which he took photos of his painted self-portrait in different urban environments in order to explore the impact of context on the final outcome of an artistic work. From the same year, and with a similar intention, there is also a work 'My space' that repeats the same approach but in an outdoor (countryside) environment. Here the landscape circle around self-portrait making the subject the 'centre of the world'. The rest of the works could be linked back to visual poetry using the collage technique, early explorations of mail art and rubberstamps as well as 'One second of my presence' (1979), a verbal-vocal and visual piece in which Tisma communicates with the recipient via technical aids - eg tapes from a tape-recorder and postal stamps as symbols of social alienation.

Vladimir Mitrovic

(Andrej Tisma, "Communication : Art", Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, 2013)