Arleen Hartman Andrej Tisma


Hartman is an artist and professor who lives in the U.S. Tisma is an artist and art critic who lives in Serbia. Their mutual interests are spiritual art and the nonmaterial. Hartman's art form involves manifestation, consciousness, creativity, nature, perception and nonlocality. Tisma's art consists of meditation, magic, love, performance and writing about those ideas. Hartman and Tisma have never met in person; they have communicated through the internet and by telepathy since the Spring of 2003.

This website is primarily a resource of information for readers interested in learning about spiritual art and the nonmaterial. The site has brief excerpts from books, articles, and websites. Resources include names, book titles, articles, websites, tapes, images, films, and a glossary.

There are few artists in the world who currently practice a pure form of spiritual or nonmaterial art. Therefore, the 'Artists' page specifically highlights the ideas of people, who in our opinion, have in the past, or are presently dealing with pure forms of spiritual or nonmaterial art. The 'Articles' page features texts on artists who were, or are now, approaching that form of expression or who have significantly contributed to its emergence.

Texts on science, natural phenomena, perception, and consciousness contribute to an understanding of spiritual/nonmaterial art by exploring the interconnections between all manifestations of life linked by morphic fields, mental, and/or physical resonance.

We envision this website as an ever-growing mosaic of ideas and creative efforts that may result in a better appreciation of spirit art.

Launched 9/20/05